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Accelerated airlift of Australian military assistance to Ukraine

The accelerated airlift of Australian military assistance for the Government of Ukraine is continuing, with the latest load of heavy supplies, including M777 howitzers and Australian-built Bushmasterprotected mobility vehicles, being transported by Ukrainian-based cargo aviation company Antonov Airlines.

An Australian Government-donated Bushmaster protected mobility vehicle bound for Ukraine is loaded onto an Antonov AN-124 cargo aircraft at RAAF Base Amberley in Queensland. Photo: CPL Jesse Kane

The AN-124 cargo aircraft is one of the largest commercially-produced aircraft in the world and is routinely used by Australia and its partners to move oversize or large consignments of military supplies.

This latest airlift follows the Australian Government announcements on the gifting of 20 Bushmaster protected mobility vehicles, including two ambulance variants, and six M777 howitzers with ammunition to aid the Government of Ukraine’s response to Russia’s unrelenting and illegal aggression.

The Australian-built Bushmaster protected mobility vehicle is designed to safely move soldiers to a battle area prior to dismounting for close combat. The vehicle is well suited to provide protection to the Ukrainian Armed Forces soldiers and Ukrainian civilians against mines and improvised explosive devices, shrapnel from artillery and small arms fire.


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