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ACU helping veterans and veteran families into university and new career opportunities

The Australian Catholic University has a dedicated team to support veterans into their degree programs. Special consideration and support is available, veteran students have access to a range of services designed to help them succeed in their chosen field.

Elaine Rotor, herself a veteran from the Royal Canadian Air Force, plays a key at the university to ensure advice and support is available. Elaine speaks with @AVNHQ about the program.

The ACU program recognises the difficulties veterans and their families face in accessing and sustaining higher education while on the move with ADF. Applicants who apply under this entry program simply need to provide a record of service and will be invited to speak with a course coordinator to discuss their ambitions and options.

A recent success story this year was a veteran who graduated with a Bachelor of Paramedicine, receiving, not only the Sir Peter Cosgrove Excellence Award, but a job offer with the London Ambulance Service.

Watch the video to learn more about the program or visit



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