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Announcing the Closure of Australian Veteran News: Reflecting on Our Journey

Australian Veteran News (AVN) has reached a pivotal moment. After years of dedicated service and impactful advocacy for Australian veterans and their families, we have made the difficult decision to cease operations.

Launched with the vision to serve as an independent voice, AVN set out to address critical issues facing our community, notably advocating for a Royal Commission into Defence and Veteran Suicide. Our platform became a conduit for change, influencing policy and providing a space for underrepresented voices in the veteran community.

Among our key achievements were the execution of veteran community surveys and the promotion of research that was submitted as evidence at the Royal Commission. These initiatives not only advanced the conversation but also brought tangible changes to the understanding of veteran needs and challenges.

The loss of Leo D’Angelo-Fisher, a respected journalist and friend, profoundly impacted our team and mission. Leo’s dedication to promoting veteran health and connection played a crucial role in shaping the ethos of AVN. His insights and legacy continue to inspire those advocating for veteran welfare.

Throughout our operation, we have persistently advocated for improved governance and oversight in the delivery of veteran services. We shone a light on the complexities involved in providing vital support to a diverse community, celebrating small victories while acknowledging the long road ahead.

However, the changing landscape of veteran support has presented new opportunities that necessitate a shift in focus. Our team is exploring these new paths with the same commitment to making a difference, leading to the difficult decision to put AVN on hold.

We are immensely grateful to everyone who has been part of our journey—from our contributors and vlog guests to our critics and readers. Each group has propelled us towards greater excellence and integrity. Special mention goes to Eamon Hale, whose articles struck a chord with both contemporary and older generations of veterans, highlighting the ongoing relevance of our mission.

Our gratitude extends to Defence Bank for their unwavering support, which was instrumental in our endeavours.

As we conclude this chapter, we encourage continued advocacy and support for our veterans. The progress achieved through collective effort marks just the beginning of a long-term commitment to veteran welfare.

Thank you for being part of our story.

Within sincere thanks from the founders of AVN, Mark Schöffel, Trent Dyball, and in memory of our mate Leo D’Angelo Fisher.



Dear Mark,

This sad news indeed!

I wish to thank you and AVN for your journalistic efforts to help expose the rot and legislative theft of 'Schedule 9 Tax Laws Amendment (No. 4 2022) 2022 Bill', which in effect denied the accrued rights (in significant dollar terms) for all 32,000 public sector invalidity recipients, 10,000 of whom are Veterans.

Through an equally egregious piece of legislation, namely: 'Social Services and Other Legislation Amendment (Military Invalidity Payments Means Testing) Bill 2024' we now have the Government attempting to deny Australia's most disabled TPI Veterans their rights to full social security provisions, as the law had always intended.

It is indeed a sad day in paradise to learn that AVN will not…


Very sad to hear this news Mark. You have been a fearless advocate on behalf of veterans at a time sincere support was and is required. Thank you for what you and your team have done. With much respect

David McLachlan


This is indeed very sad news. Your articles have been interesting, informative and have shone a light on Veteran's matters. Every good wish to you all.


Sorry to see you go your artical and reports opened a few eyes,a pity a few more didn't take notice

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