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Defence Bank sponsorship is good news for the veteran community

By Mark Schroffel

Australian Veteran News is proud to announce the launch of a strategic sponsorship with Defence Bank.

The sponsorship will enable Australian Veteran News to continue its pioneering work in bringing a high standard of news, opinion and information to the veteran community, while also enhancing our ability to deliver an expanded range of programs and content.

The sponsorship highlights Defence Bank’s commitment to its primary service base, being those men and women who have served and continue to serve Australia.

Like us, Defence Bank is committed to improving veteran health, wellbeing and security with a great example being the Defence Bank Foundation’s Defence Community Dogs program.

Australian Veteran News was formed almost one year ago with the aspiration of becoming a reliable source of content for the veteran community that is trusted, authoritative and relevant. Defence Bank’s sponsorship is a testament to the strong bonds we have been able to forge with the veteran community in that short time.

The veteran community comprises more than 100,000 ex-service men and women, their families, ex-service organisations and advocates. Providing news and information relevant to them is immensely important as is AVN’s original goal of providing a platform for the diverse and largely under-represented veteran community.

Australian Veteran News has taken a leading role in supporting the Royal Commission into veteran suicides and highlighting issues such as veteran health and wellbeing, the transition to civilian life and encouraging accountability within ex service organisations. AVN has also provided a forum for the voices of veterans and those who are committed to veterans and their families.

This is the work that AVN is committed to continuing, as well as broadening our involvement in events, research and outreach into the veteran community. The Defence Bank sponsorship will enable us to do that.

Defence Bank is one of Australia’s largest member-owned banks, beginning in 1975 as the Defence Force Credit Union. It became Defence Bank in 2012.

True to its stated purpose to “Serve those who protect us”, Defence Bank is committed to offering world-class service and competitive banking and financial products to its members, whether they be from the Australian Defence Force or the broader community.

“We count on you, and you can count on us” is the bank’s promise to its members. The sponsorship between Defence Bank and Australian Veteran News builds on that promise and a shared ethos of service, integrity and excellence. Above all, there’s a joint commitment to the wellbeing and security of Australia’s veteran community.

We are proud to have the confidence and support of Defence Bank.

Thanks to the Defence Bank sponsorship, Australian Veteran News will be able to continue to represent and advance the interests of the veteran community, as well as give their diverse voices a platform and a home. The sponsorship will also enable us to tap into the bank’s expertise and provide readers with valuable insights and information on a range of personal finance topics of relevance to the veteran community.

We are proud and delighted that Defence Bank has chosen to work with us and the whole team at Australian Veteran News looks forward to the fantastic work we can do together.


Mark Schroffel is a veteran, co-founder and editor-in chief of Australian Veteran News. Mark can be followed on twitter @MarkSchroffel

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