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Housing Spotlight: The RAAF Veterans' Residences Trust

One organisation that’s been helping residents with their long-term housing needs is the RAAF Veterans’ Residences Trust. The trust has been operating since 1953 and provides lower cost housing in well serviced locations for former members of the Air Force and their families in need.

Locations include:

  • Brisbane

  • Sydney

  • Melbourne

  • Adelaide and

  • Hobart

The recent AVN Veteran Health and Wellbeing Survey reported that 17% of veterans who responded to the survey indicated they were disadvantaged when it comes to housing and home ownership. This disadvantage can have long repercussions on a family's life and leave vulnerable veterans to be disconnected from important service and community.

The survey also revealed a surprising insight that 85% of respondents who felt they had advantages in regards to housing also reported having been involved with ex-service organisations as either a member or a client.

Veterans or family members who feel they might benefit from housing support are encouraged to get in touch with one of the major ex-services organisations in their State such as the RSL and Legacy.

Some useful contact numbers below:

Veteran Central Victoria - 1800 MILVET / 1800 645 838

Veteran Central WA - 08 9287 3799

RSL NSW - 02 9264 8188

RSL Qld - 134 RSL / 134 775

RSL SA - 08 8100 7300

RSL Tas - 03 6242 8900

RSL Darwin - 08 8941 5848

RSL ACT - 02 9161 7690


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