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RSL NSW membership is now free

Veterans and serving members of the Australian Defence Force (ADF) can now become members of RSL NSW for free.

“There should be no barrier for any current serving member or veteran of the ADF to join RSL NSW,” the branch explains in a recent statement announcing the free membership.

NSW RSL CEO Jon Black says RSL membership means “so much more than being invited to commemorations and events”.

“It’s not just what you get as a valued member, it’s also about what you can do for other veterans too,” he says.

“The ADF and Armed Forces are a family of committed people who thrive on camaraderie and friendship. When retiring from service, that bond is continued via your local RSL NSW sub-branch. Staying connected to people who understand what you have been through is the most valuable support an ADF member can have.”

Until now the process for joining the RSL has been paper-based and, according to feedback from members, cumbersome. RSL NSW says it is responding to member feedback that it would be more efficient if becoming a member was an online process.

Prospective members can now join RSL NSW online.

RSL NSW believes free membership and the new online facility will make it easier than ever for serving ADF personnel and the veteran community to “come on board, connect with their local sub-branch and participate in the camaraderie, mateship, recreation and commemoration of service”.

RSL NSW is not just for ADF members and veterans. There are also options for partners, spouses and families to join.

Membership benefits include support for veterans who are on the road to recovery from mental or physical health issues, assistance with Department of Veterans’ Affairs claims and employment support.

“Whether it’s employment, medical or financial, we are here to help,” says NSW RSL President Ray James.

RSL NSW has a network of more than 340 sub-branches and chapters across NSW. Sub-branches are operated by veteran volunteers.

RSL NSW and its sub-branches do not own or operate clubs or benefit from the proceeds of the sale of alcohol or gambling.

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