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RSL Victoria and Melbourne Legacy working together to improve veteran services

A vital collaboration has begun that involves transforming Level 3 of Legacy House at 293 Swanston Street into a purpose-built Wellbeing Hub available for use by veterans and their families.

Australian Veteran News understands that the proposal includes collocation professional advocacy and support services to enhance collaboration and better integrate the specialist expertise that each organisation brings to the table.

This is an innovative and smart move by both organisations. Establishing better partnerships across the ESO sector should be a core strategy for these leading ex-service organisations and it's pleasing to see them take this step.

AVN has recently been critical of RSL Victoria’s lack of strategic planning, however this is a story in which we are pleased to give them kudos for joining Melbourne Legacy in this vital initiative.


Mark Schroffel is the Editor-in-Chief of Australian Veteran News. Mark is a veteran and has a day-job as strategy consultant and researcher interested in veteran support policies and transition programs. He designed and led the Melbourne Legacy sponsored ShoutOUT research initiative to gather insights and stories about post-1991 veterans and their families. Mark can be followed on twitter @MarkSchroffel

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