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Tribunal turns out to be an expensive display of weakness for RSL Victoria

Yesterday, a number of RSL Victoria members we called to a State Branch Tribunal to answer charges of contravening branch rules.

It’s a serious matter when members of an association work against the objectives and betterment of the organisation to which they belong. And associations, such as RSL Victoria, have a responsibility to ensure that detrimental behaviour is dealt with in an appropriate manner.

The gravity of the issue is compounded when the best response an association can muster is to throw the rule book at those members who are crying out for change.

Let there be little doubt that the troubles are shaking public confidence in the RSL’s focus and its ability to live up to its purpose.

Supporters of those being charged gathered at the doorstep of ANZAC House with placarded motorcycles and chalked slogans leading to the entrance of branch HQ. A well-dressed elderly couple struggled up along Collins Street to stop by and express their support. Several politicians and their aids were also observed pausing long enough to absorb the message.

The actions of RSL Victoria to convene a tribunal to bring focus on inappropriate behaviour may be a fair thing; however, it also shows that the state branch has run out of ideas on how to handle growing divisions within the ranks of its Service Members.

The sideshow of the tribunals has served to highlight to the public that all is not well.

For the sake of our veterans and their families, RSL Victoria must face a tribunal of its own and renew itself.


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