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Dad's Army Strikes Back: A musical note to the editor

Submitted by Mr Jack McCaughan, 14 Aug 2020

(To the tune of the "Dad's Army" theme song)

Who did you think you were kidding, there in Melbourne,

when you chose to steal our home?

We are the blokes made the Diggers’ name so proud,

and we just can’t accept that now we’re not allowed

to call our ‘Shelton’ club-rooms part of our town.

No, we just can’t let Maffra down!!

We’ll never let those pokies into our home –

and we’ve found that on this issue we’re not alone.

Let the nobs in Collins Street play their silly games,

while we get on and help old Diggers keep their name.

So best not come to Maffra to mess with our town,

‘cause we’re a bunch that won’t back down.

We are the blokes they’ll wish they’d never known!

We might be from the bush, but we’re not alone.

So, if you’re from the suburbs or out in the sticks,

just let the bastards know you’re onto their tricks.

And, when you tell them you want your title back,

remember you’re not on your own.


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