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Governor General Tours Upcoming V Centre Veteran Empowerment Program in Melbourne

Melbourne's soon-to-open V Centre Veteran Empowerment Program had some esteemed visitors recently. On Friday, 13th October, His Excellency Governor General, the Honourable David Hurley AC DSC (Retd), and Her Excellency, Mrs. Linda Hurley graced the establishment with their presence.

His Excellency General the Honourable David Hurley AC DSC (Retd) addresses guests on his visit to The V Centre - with CEO Janna Voloshin and Chair Mike O'Meara OAM.

Scheduled to open its doors in a few weeks, the V Centre promises to be a sanctuary for veterans. It is not just a roof over their heads but a comprehensive support system, offering wrap-around services to veterans who find themselves homeless, at risk of homelessness, or in less-than-ideal living conditions.

The V Centre's inception was spurred by a growing need within the younger veterans' community. The planning and development of the project span several years and, as Vasey RSL Care Board Chair Mike O’Meara OAM said:

“The opening of the V Centre is a significant step in our decade-long strategic plan tailored to cater to the evolving needs of the veteran community.

O'Meara explained that Vasey RSL Care is in a unique position to support the challenges often associated with the transition from military to civilian life. He noted the following risks need to be addressed for veteran community:

  • Veterans face a suicide rate considerably higher than the average population.

  • Their homelessness rate is almost threefold compared to the general populace.

  • Approximately 300 veterans find themselves without a home annually.

Guided by the success of similar programs worldwide and enriched by insights from Australian experts in veterans' affairs and homelessness, the V Centre's Model of Care is holistic. O'Meara disclosed that while they are on the cusp of opening the V Centre, challenges persist. The program still requires $12.7 million for the completion of refurbishment and its operation for the initial three years.

Yet, hope is in the air. As Mike O’Meara puts it, "We are 100% committed to this initiative and trust in its transformative and life-saving potential."

During their visit, Their Excellencies engaged with the staff, special guests, and enjoyed speeches by Mike O’Meara and CEO Janna Voloshin. A guided tour of the new facilities followed, spearheaded by Vasey RSL Care Executive General Manager and veteran, Chris Gray. The visit concluded with an afternoon tea.

Reflecting on their distinguished guests, CEO Janna Voloshin said, "It was an immense privilege to have Their Excellencies with us, shining a spotlight on the often overlooked struggles of our veterans. These brave individuals once stood for us; it's our turn to stand by them."

With completion anticipated by mid-November, the V Centre will host an inaugural event later this year, signalling a new dawn for the support and care of veterans in Australia.


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John McNair

12FEB 2024

With great respect to the Commissioners in the RC on Vet Suicides, I have some great concerns about the outcome.

They have done a great job collecting Lived experiences, have quizzed senior ADF and DVA people to a fair degree, ( but without enough mongrel unfortunately.)

They have issued some interim improvements for DVA to adopt immediatley especially on time for claims. I see in some information today that DVA say that e.g. VEA claims for compensation on average take about 200 days delay for an officer to be given the file, and a further 300 days, on average, for a resolution! In other words who audits these ïmprovements?? Further, even if they have trained 50…

Me gusta

Kenneth Taylor
Kenneth Taylor
30 oct 2023

O.K. So, they, them, the Top Dogs in the Kennel have all trooped through the place and given it the once over leaving their muddy footprints everywhere. The real truth will be in the actions coming from the Staff in the Building and how they handle those who use the facility. Not weather the Top Dogs think it is nice and rosy and all the feeding bowless are in line. Of course the normal catchers are all in place, The Budget hasn't any flexibility to assist with the needed $12.7 million to kick it off. Personally I can see that the Undertaker up here is getting a bit impatient with me. Now that this Misleading Socialist Government has cut t…

Me gusta
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