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It’s never too late to remember, and it’s never too late to make a difference

While another Remembrance Day has come and gone, the pain of losing a loved one never passes. It's a feeling that Kelly and her children know all too well.

Kelly became a war widow when her husband Rick was killed while on operational duty in Afghanistan.

Tragically, Kelly isn't alone in her heartbreak. There are many like Kelly shouldering the unimaginable burdens of loss and emotional hardship. Those hardships hit home when the rest of the nation is celebrating Christmas and are enjoying the freedoms of opening up after Covid. These families need our support and deserve our help.

Geoff Webb, the president of Melbourne Legacy, is appealing for urgent support.

“Our veterans’ families are hurting. Your urgent support is needed. I need your help in getting food vouchers to a struggling family in time for Christmas. So please consider a gift.”

Legacy has been supporting the families of Australian veterans since 1923 and according to the Australian Veteran News survey of veteran services and wellbeing, Legacy is the most respected ex-service organisation in Australia.

For many veterans such as John, your gift means so much more than a food voucher for basic essentials. It provides much neeeded relief to financial strain and gives them the comfort of knowing that he can put food on the table for his children.

John, a veteran struggling with health issues and series of financial setbacks explained what it meant for him and his familiy: “When my wife opened the envelope and saw $1,000 worth of food vouchers, she immediately broke down in tears – they were tears of relief. I will always be grateful for this.”

Legacy advises that the average family needs around $200 for a week’s worth of food and is asking the wider veteran community to help in easing the worry for those families who aren’t doing so well.

Please consider making a donation in time for Christmas by calling 03 8626 0500 or visiting


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