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Letters: David Butch Harrison responds to Leo D'Angelo Fisher's #ScottyFromCarpeting

20 May 2021

I just received the bullshit piece written by Leo D'Angelo Fisher about Scott Morrison on the red carpet. What the hell does that have to do with veterans? Why have you allowed Australian Veteran News to become a left-wing, woke news service and mouthpiece for left-wing writers like D'Angelo Fisher? Do you really think that veterans are interested in this left-wing dribble?

Here is a news flash for AVN and D'Angelo Fisher: Morrison is very popular as the latest polls show with 60% approval while Albanese has 24%. You can print that.

Morison has every right to walk the red carpet as he is the highest leader in Australia as PM. He has done more for the ADF since becoming PM than any Labor PM in the last 15 years. He has spent more on the ADF in the last five years as a percentage of GDP than Rudd or Gillard ever did. Morrison has spent billions and billions to improve the ADF which has happened.

David Butch Harrison

Vietnam veteran


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