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Letters: Our readers respond to our coverage of the 2020 RSL Vic State Conference

Margo Steley, 21 December 2020

Thank you Mark Schroffel for your pull-no-punches article. I have no respect for the RSL, an opinion that started after my brother returned from two tours of duty in Viet Nam.

Now I see that not much has changed unless it is dollars that are being counted, not veterans’ wellbeing.

Although they boast that they have people in place to support our veterans they are mostly volunteers and seem to be overwhelmed and difficult to access. We will never be without conflict somewhere, and there are those who will need support and the opportunity to heal without having to fight tooth and nail for the smallest benefit.

It is time for that to change.

My uncle, who joined 2/5th AIF in 1939 and was demobbed in 1945 always quoted that we must remember the dead, but importantly, take care of the living.


Doug Steley, 21 December 2020

Just to say thanks for your article about the Victorian RSL, I have my own stories about daring to complain about the support they offered me.

I have had a few good experiences and an equal number of bad ones. The system is broken when you leave needing help because you can't cope with the people who are supposed to be there to support you.


Andrew Bailey, 3 December 2020

Please share that the welfare of veterans is an absolute mess.

I was refused help with my claims and can't get a reply to my requests.

The “ system “ is broken if you are refused help, I’m not renewing my RSL membership due to the lack of help.

Kicked in the head during my service, kicked in the head by DVA, kicked in the head by Centrelink, finally kicked in the head by the RSL.

Please expose the lack of welfare for veterans in all areas.


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