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Penten enters ‘sovereign communication technology’ market

By Leo D’Angelo Fisher

Canberra-based cyber technology company Penten, which specialises in the defence and government sectors, has established a specialist business unit dedicated to securing “sovereign communication technologies” for defence and emergency services.

Penten’s new Tactical Communications Security (TCS) will focus on the delivery of secure and easy-to-use communication technologies that are compatible across military, emergency and humanitarian applications.

TCS, headed by Penten’s chief technology officer, Merik Karman, has a team of 10 dedicated people specialising in advanced electronics, waveforms, cryptography, photonics, field programmable gate arrays and high-assurance security.

TCS is working with some of Australia’s leading radio manufacturers to secure new communications solutions focused on Defence requirements.

Penten CEO Matthew Wilson says emerging communications security needs are “a missing link in Australia’s sovereign radio technologies”.

“We knew that Penten had the capability and the expertise to develop and provide support and solutions to Australia’s radio communications companies to meet Defence needs, allowing those in uniform to focus on doing their job rather than managing technology,” he says.

Wilson says the secure communications technologies being developed will allow different Defence elements to co-ordinate and communicate effectively, easily and securely as well as deliver highly complex technologies in a simple solution to ensure that the mission is the primary focus.

Penten was recently named Cyber Business of the Year for the second successive year at the Defence Connect Australian Defence Industry Awards. Pentem was also a finalist in the Defence Innovator of the Year category.


Leo D'Angelo Fisher is a regular columnist and Editor-at-Large at Australian Veteran News. Connect with him on Twitter: @DAngeloFisher.

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