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100 Years of Melbourne Legacy: Upholding a Century-Old Promise to Veterans' Families

Melbourne, Australia – As Melbourne Legacy embarks on its centenary celebration, Legacy Week 2023 stands as a testament to its enduring commitment to the families of veterans who've made significant sacrifices for the nation. With the week-long fundraising campaign running from 27 August to 2 September, Legacy is calling upon Victorians to rally behind the families of those who have sacrificed their lives or health in service.

Legatee Kerry Jenke, Melbourne Legacy President, reflects on the organisation's unwavering dedication over the decades, stating, “For the last hundred years, Melbourne Legacy has been supporting the families of veterans. The issues faced by these families remain largely consistent over the years, but our approach has evolved to better serve the modern families.”

In recent times, Melbourne Legacy has played a pivotal role in regional Victoria. Their joint initiative with the State Government, known as the Victorian Veteran Family Services program, has been a monumental success. Although the program has now concluded, it underscores Legacy's innovative approach to addressing the multifaceted needs of veterans' families.

One of the highlights of Legacy Week is the iconic Badge Day on Friday, 1 September. From 7–10 am, the streets of Melbourne CBD will be adorned with Australian Defence Force (ADF) personnel joining hands with Melbourne Legacy volunteers and Legatees, aiming to raise funds and increase awareness. Their collective efforts will be directed towards selling Legacy badges and teddy bears and collecting donations. Melbourne Legacy President, Kerry Jenke emphasised the importance of community community support for Legacy's work, she said:

Badge Day not only aids in fundraising but serves as a symbol of unity and connectivity amongst the veteran family community. Legacy Week is a golden chance for the wider community to step forward and contribute, helping us serve the families even better,”

Leading up to Legacy Week, the Melbourne CBD is expected to be peppered with vintage-style posters, paying tribute to the generations of veterans' families and raising awareness about the appeal.

Melbourne Legacy’s mission is vast and varied. Beyond community engagement, they extend their support through advocacy, counselling, financial aid, and notably, children’s education. Legatee Jenke poignantly remarked:

For 100 years, Melbourne Legacy has upheld the promises made by our soldiers to support each other's families. The nature of needs has changed, but the demand for support is as crucial as ever. We envision a society where no veteran’s family feels the weight of their loved one’s service.

To learn more about Melbourne Legacy or to make a donation, visit

About Melbourne Legacy:

Founded in 1923, Melbourne Legacy has been a beacon of hope for families of veterans, providing unwavering care and support. Currently, they assist over 4,700 individuals, each linked to a family impacted by a loved one's Service to the nation. Through their diverse range of services, they ensure that the legacy of our veterans lives on.


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