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Robert Skoda confirmed as CEO of RSL Queensland

RSL Queensland is has announced the permanent appointment of Robert Skoda to the position of Chief Executive Officer. This follows four months of Robert performing the role of interim CEO, which he has held since September 2021.

Prior to holding the role of interim CEO, Robert was General Manager, Veteran Services and General Manager, Veterans Affairs & Policy at RSL Queensland. He has served as a member of the Royal Australian Air Force where he was deployed across Afghanistan, the Middle East and Timor-Leste.

We welcome today’s announcement on the permanent appointment of Robert,” said RSL Queensland State President, Major General Stephen Day DSC, AM.

He will continue to provide the stability and leadership that he has brought to our organisation and communities since beginning the role last year. The leaders of our organisation will play a critical role in setting the tone for our organisation and team by leading with humility, purpose and always operating with the highest understanding and empathy for people.

“Robert’s commercial and service experience, understanding and insight into the needs of veterans and their families, and his contribution to delivering improved outcomes and quality of life, is second to none.”

Robert Skoda, Chief Executive Officer at RSL Queensland, said he is extremely proud to be continuing his work in leading the organisation as RSL Queensland continues to grow its services for veterans and their families.

Robert formally took up his permanent appointment on 11 February 2022.


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